Your First Few Weeks

Welcome to Lagos State Polytechnic in what is likely to be an exciting and hectic few weeks. Here you will find information to help you settle in and find your way around.

1. Term dates

You will be sent the date on which you should arrive, along with a timetable of orientation activities by your college or department. Pre-sessional courses, freshers’ events, teaching and examinations may take place outside of official term date. Check with your college or department before making further plans.

2. Find your way around the Polytechnic

There are Campus maps at strategic positions in the Polytechnic. Use this as a guide to tour round the Polytechnic

3. Freshers' week

Freshers’ week, which takes place in Week 0 (the week before term begins), includes orientation activities for new students including the annual Freshers’ Fair, registration, tours, and social events. Your college or department will send you details of activities you are expected to attend during your first few weeks. The graduate induction timetable shows how your time may be divided between your college and department induction activities.

4. Health and welfare

There are a number of services available to support you during your studies. Advice and help is available from your college, your department, central University services, fellow students, and the Polytechnic Student Union (Laspotech SU). So no matter what the problem, there is always somebody who can help. Full details will be provided to you by your college when you first arrive. Visit health and welfare for more information.

The Counselling Service provides information on adjusting to university life, including how to manage the transitions and expectations of starting university. Find out more on the resources page.

5. Your Polytechnic Student's Login Details

Your Polytechnic Login details will be issued to you by your college (or department in the case of non-matriculated course students) on arrival in Laspotech once your  registration has been completed. The card:

  • enables you to access facilities and services such as libraries, computing services
  • acts as a payment card in some colleges and departments
  • allows entry to your department
  • provides you with a form of identity whenever you are on the institution premises

Look after your Polytechnic details carefully as you will be charged a fee for a replacement lost card. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged inform your college or department administrator to request a replacement. Reporting a lost or stolen card quickly will help prevent unauthorised use including identify theft for which you may be held responsible. Return damaged, expired or found cards to your college or department administrator to destroy. 

Please be aware that you are not permitted to lend or loan your Card to anybody else. If a student allows another person to use their card, they have committed a serious breach of Library regulations and it may result in disciplinary procedures, at a proctorial level, being initiated.

6. Matriculation

Matriculation is the ceremony that marks your formal admission to the Polytechnic. Attendance is compulsory unless you are entitled to incorporate or you are told otherwise by your college or department. 

7. Starting to study

Part of the challenge of Polytechnic life is learning how to manage your time to fit the demands of your course. You will find that different courses have different work patterns, in both the kind of work and how many hours of formal teaching and personal study is required. You may be set work in Week 0 and you will need to organise your time to prepare your first assignment(s). If you are provided with a reading list, you may need to consult more than one library to find all of your key texts.

During Freshers’ week you will have tours of the library, including sessions on how to use the computer-based catalogues. Visit academic matters for course information and an introduction to the range of learning resources available.

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