Before you Arrive

Beginning at Polytechnic can feel like stepping into the unknown, but there is no need to worry.
By completing all relevant tasks in the checklist below, you can ensure your arrival at the
Lagos State Polytechnic goes smoothly

1. Laspotech Card form and Arrival Information

If you accept the Polytechnic’s offer of a place you will enter into a contract with the Polytechnic.  Once you have met the conditions of your offer, you will be sent a Polytechnic card form to sign and return together with a passport photograph. You may also receive college contractual documents and arrival information at this time. To make sure that you receive important documentation promptly, please notify your college or department of any changes to the contact details and email address you supplied during the admissions process.

2. Access to ICT Facilities

Once you have signed and returned your Polytechnic card form, and in advance of the start of term, you will be sent your Polytechnic IT account details, giving you access to central IT services. Information on the services available and how to set up your IT access, is available on the Welcome to IT web pages.

3. Starting Your Registration Process

An essential part of being a student of the Polytechnic is the annual completion of registration. As a new student you should complete the first step of your Polytechnic registration by verifying your details online using Student Self Service before you arrive. You will need to use your login details to access Student Self Service.

4. Medical Treatment

Student health is primarily a college responsibility and your college will already have an arrangement with a National Health Service (NHS) doctor and nurse. You can choose to register with another local General Practitioner (GP) if you prefer (if they will take on new patients). If you are not entitled to free NHS treatment you may register with your college doctor or other private service as a private patient.

You need to register with your college or chosen GP in the Polytechnic as you are deemed to be a resident of the city during your studies

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